Rags to Pads is Up and Running!

17 April 2009

Rags to Pads, our project to provide hygienic sanitary napkins to women, has made strides forward this year. On February 7th, Mr. and MRs. Balvinder Singh Kalsi (Mr. Kalsi is the President of Dupont South Asia), cut the ribbon to inaugurate the Rags to Pads project (named Ladli, which means "Beloved"). Through the generous contributions of Dupont and its employees, PPES set up a small manufacturing site to create low-cost sanitary pads for the women of PPES and the local villages. PPES graduates Soni, Pravesh and Jagnesh will manufacture and sell the sanitary pads.

Mr. Anand of Jayaashree Industries (Coimbatore) installed the machinery in which wood pulp is packed into fabric pads, creating a sanitary napkin. The sanitary napkins are then packaged into a monthly supply and sold for Rs. 25 ($0.50). Each packet will also contain instructions for use as well as proper disposal. The wood pulp and the wrapper are biodegradable to maintain an environmentally friendly endeavor.

For more information regarding Rags to Pads, please visit www.ragstopads.com or check out our video.

*Pictured (Above): Mr. and Mrs. Balvinder Singh Kalsi at the unveiling of the Rags to Pads project.

Pictured (Below): The Rags to Pads team with the new manufacturing equipment.