Want to Meet Our Students? Participate in Paper Preeti and Show them the World!

27 April 2009

Have you heard of Flat Stanley? Well, we would like to have a 'Paper Preeti', and we'd love to have you involved! Here are the steps:

1. Our students will create a 'Paper Preeti' (a paper doll) of themselves, along with a letter allowing the reader to learn more about their lives.

2. They will send their letters to you, requesting you to take pictures with 'Paper Preeti'.

3. You will then upload the picture and email it to our designated website (http://www.flickr.com/photos/37706901@N05/3470674762/). Include a brief description of the name of the student and the location of the picture in the subject line.

4. Forward 'Paper Preeti' on to a friend or family member, so that 'Paper Preeti' can see more of the world.

You'll be able to track Paper Preeti through our website.

Want to participate? Email sally@pardadapardadi.org with your name, email address and mailing address. Want more info? Email or call me at +91 11-4650-2631