PPES Celebrates International Women's Day

17 April 2009

For the very first time, PPES celebrated International Women's Day on March 7th with speeches, dancing, and a presentation by gynecologist Dr. Alka Dhall from Delhi.

All women and girls gathered in the main hall, and the program began with a welcome speech from PPES volunteer Judy Hunger, who reminded the audience of their right to equality not only in their village, but also in the greater world outside.

Class IX then presented the lives of two women who exemplify the values promoted by PPES - Hillary Rodham Clinton, the U.S. Secretary of State, and Smtr. Pratibha Devisingh Patil, the President of India.

After these introductions and presentations, Class VII and Class VIII students sang two American songs taught to them by volunteers Lindsay Johnson and Emma O'Hagan. Under the coordination of music teacher Angeli Sharma, the girls then performed a traditional dance and song in honor of the upcoming Holi holiday.

Then it was time for the main presentation by Dr. Alka Dhall, who addressed the health issues surrounding menstruation. Dr. Dhall first explained the biology of menstruation with diagrams. She then gave all women the opportunity to ask any questions. With humor but clear instruction, PPES CEO Renuka followed by explaining how to use sanitary napkins (created by Rags to Pads - see the next section) as well as how to dispose of the used product.

During all of the presentations, the men had been busy making a meal for the celebration, which included over 1,500 puri! The ladies helped out, and everyone enjoyed the meal. From start to finish, it was a wonderful day of celebrating women.

*Pictured (Above): Teacher Lindsay Johnson with her students, performing some American music.

Pictured (Below): Students performing in anticipation of Holi.