The Pardada Pardadi Message in other Parts of India

13 April 2009

Rehka Kalindi is a girl who lives in Bengal, but her story is quite similar to those of the girls of Pardada Pardadi. While only 12, Rehka scorns play ("Little children in nursery play") and has worked gathering and selling firewood for years now. Her home has no electricity, running water or toilet.

When her parents told her she was to be married, however, Rehka fought back. She refused, saying she wanted to get an education and wait until she was 18. Her parents tried to starve her into submission, but they finally relented, and girls in her village now follow Rehka's trend.

The girls at Pardada Pardadi face the exact same situation as Rehka does. While not easy, some manage to stand strong and fight against child marriages, but it's never easy. We're happy that the message is being transmitted throughout other parts of India as well, and hope this trend continues throughout!

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