The PPES' Wedding Diary!!

12 January 2011

So what comes to our minds when we think of an Indian wedding? Marigold garlands, the bride’s wedding trousseau in the color vermilion, the groom riding a horse carriage, loud Bollywood music…. and sacred revolutions around the fire to name a few.

This and more is all that attracted Sarah and Lorenzo to have an Indian wedding at the PPES on 12 Nov 2010. What started it off was both Sarah and Lorenzo’s commitment and dedication to the PPES work. Based in the UK, the couple has been volunteering with PPES since 2009. Sarah works with the non-profit iPartner India and Lorenzo works in DNV as a management consultant. The couple first had a Christian wedding in Knokke (Belgium) on Nov 6.

Eager to share their happiest day with the PPES, they decided on putting up an Indian wedding at the PPES.PPES’ old time volunteer Mr. Krishan Kumar Mehra and his wife Mrs. Rekha Mehra played the part of groom’s parents on the day. The holy ‘Kanyadaan’ (where the bride’s parents commit to giving their daughter to the groom) was acted on by Sam (Founder President of PPES) and volunteer Judith Hunger on Sarah’s part. The wedding hosted the 1100 PPES students and its staff who played every bit of a loud Indian guest. And, where the brouhaha seemed a little fazed off to that of a typical Indian wedding’s, the local band with its drum and trumpet followed in.

Moments like these, take what PPES means for its friends to another level altogether. Sarah and Lorenzo’s was not just any ordinary Indian wedding but one that celebrated every small and big moment of joy with the PPES girls. The wedding was a show of love for PPES- all the way from the PPES embroidered return gifts that were presented to the wedding guests by the couple, to a donation of 7000 GPB towards the PPES scholarship fund that the couple raised by requesting their wedding guests to gifting a donation on PPES’ name. They are also adding on 2000 GPB to the amount as a personal donation.

If one talks of ‘wedding for a cause’, Sarah and Lorenzo’s would remain the epitome of it all.PPES has stashed away the lovely moments of the day forever in its memory. Here’s wishing a happy married life to both Sarah and Lorenzo.


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