Giving back always has a future

10 February 2011

How often are we reminded of the fact that we are better placed than others..and some others are better placed than us?

This is the real story of a man Mr. Jatinder Nath Kapur whose passion to do something for the people in need has been intact even after his death in 2009. Rare isn’t it?? Or should we say mysterious??Well, not really.

Ms. Parul Kapur Hinzen, who is the daughter of Mr. Jatinder Kapur, donated US $ 11,001 to Pardada Pardadi on November 2010. This donation is in the name of her father for building a classroom in the new school for 200 girls from most marginalized and discriminated against communities across Anoopshahr. The classroom will have a plaque in the name of Mr. Kapur. The idea is to have not just the classroom but his thought transcend through the years and forever.

Clearly, philanthropy is not an art that needs to be honed with a kind heart. Who would say that I have not so kind a heart?? All of us do.

Mr. Kapur has a tale to tell. He was born in Lahore in 1933. This was the pre independence time in India. He began his career with the Burmah Oil Company in Assam. He immigrated to the US in 1969 with his wife and two children, and was a senior financial manager with Richardson-Vicks, a consumer products company, in Wilton, Connecticut.

Though Jatinder Kapur lived in Wilton for 35 years, he never lost his strong attachment to India. After his retirement, he enjoyed spending his winters in New Delhi and playing the course at the Delhi Golf Club. He also made a special effort to help the domestic workers in his home in Delhi by educating their children. Although the value of education was not always trickled down to these families, Mr. Kapur wanted to ensure that even those children who dropped out of school could advance. Thus, he paid for their vocational training, such as sending one boy to driving school to learn a marketable skill.

That can conclude that charity may not begin at home but at heart. Isn’t it? And Mr. Kapur had one of gold.

So, let our hearts do something special today!