Woman Woman Woman it was on March 8!

17 March 2010

The Women’s Day was a house full of activities!

March 8 every year holds a special meaning for PPES. Our girls were happily summoning the day as “The Mahila Diwas” in Hindi and English too.

Ms. Poonam Natarajan, Chairperson, National Trust, was the chief guest for the event.

Sandhya, the woman behind Dismania and Chitra, the social activist added more meaning by being there with the girls.

So, what did the girls have in store for us?

Well, there were field games, dance show, a song especially penned down for PPES by the girls, and folk anecdotes.

The men teachers took charge of the kitchen and catering. And they proved equally good at that with the nice meals they brought from the hot kitchen. Just that the tea had salt instead of sugar for an unusual change.

The girls listened rivetingly to Ms. Natrajan’s speech. She told personal stories of courage and inspiration.

What an amazing and fun packed day the PPES students had for us.Hurray!!


Anonymous said...

I love that the male teachers served food. Great photo too!

Shrijna Dixon said...

They cooked it too and it did taste really good..