PPES and Spirituality meet at the river Ganges!

19 March 2010

The serene view of the river Ganges is just a km away from the school.This part of the Ganges is one of the very few that’s untouched by religious commercialization.

So, you get to feel the tranquility of the Holy view without being pressed by touts or overwhelmed by the crowd.

When you take a Boat ride, you have just a couple more boats on the river with you. You got to experience the beauty still preserved by the locals there.

In evenings, local women circle around the bay and chant hymns and lit the holy flame. The gongs from the nearby temples orchestrate their songs.
If you are coming to meet the PPES girls, the Holy Ganges is one of the places where we take our visitors to.

Some things are best left untold: the visit to the Ganges is just one of them. You get to experience it with your eyes to indulge in the ineffable ride to a deeply enriching spiritual experience.

So when are you coming??