The little Girl riding the Bicycle

30 March 2010

She is more than a little Girl. She is learning to be empowered.

This is the picture on the pack of the ‘Laadli' translated into English as 'most loving & pampered': Sanitary Napkins manufactured by a team of 4 diligent and smart girl graduates of PPES.

The colors are synonymous with the uniform that every PPES girl wears to school. Why Yellow and Green??

This is a thought running through your mind when you know that Pardada Pardadi has reasons and good ones too behind every goal it takes up.

Sam, PPES founder, says that the seeds when sown develop into green plants, they turn yellow when ripe. Drawing from the analogy, PPES girls come as little ones and pass out as empowered ones.

The girl riding the bicycle knows where she is heading. A world free from Gender inequality & one where she has a ‘say’, where her dreams are realized………….

Let’s buck her up!!!