PoopReport Charity Drive

02 May 2008

After meeting Sam through the World Toilet Summit, PoopReport editor Dave and his wife accepted an invitation to visit Pardada Pardadi. [see picture of Dave in Karanpur village, left (from PoopReport website)] They were so impressed by the school that they have decided to launch a charity drive to raise funds for the toilet project. The initiative starts with 43 toilets in Karanpur village and eventually expands to one toilet in the home of each PPES student.

As of
2 AM on May 1st, PoopReport and its readers have raised $4,630.75! (That's enough money for 18 toilets!) Thanks PoopReport!

For more information on the PoopReport charity drive and on the toilet project generally, please visit the PoopReport website.


Update on the fundraiser:
The PoopReport drive officially closed on May 7th having raised over $14,900 - enough for all the toilets in Karanpur and more!

Thank you PoopReport and all those who participated in the fundraiser!