April Update

25 April 2008

Dear Friends,

During February and March many of friends of PPES met each other for the first time and many others came back and revisited the organization. We are very thankful to all of you for your continued guidance and encouragement.

Volunteers and Friends

Pardada Pardadi bid farewell to Ms. Judith Hunger after her six month stay. Ms. Annabel Ipsen also left for Chille after her two-and-a-half month stay with PPES. Ms. Wendi Boxx and Mr. Alexander Bargstadt revisited Pardada Pardadi. Mr. Royce and Dr. Rikki Asher also spent some time at the school. Pardada Pardadi had a meeting with volunteers to discuss and review the volunteering program. Pardada Pardadi has benefited a lot from the efforts of numerous volunteers and so I would encourage all of you to help us recruit others to aid PPES (volunteers should be ready to stay at least for six months with PPES).
Ms. Wendi Boxx coordinates recruitment of the volunteers. Please write to her at
pardada_pardadi_school(at)yahoo.com with regard to the volunteer program.

New York -Anupshahar Postcard Exchange!
High School Social Studies Teacher Ms. Alice Braziller and Dr. Rikki Asher introduced Pardada Pardadi School to one of Alice's classes in January in NYC. Alice's class designed beautiful postcards about New York City. Rikki worked with the 6th graders at PPVS last month on postcards about the village and will bring their beautiful cards back to New York City for a postcard swap! This small project evokes peace and understanding between two groups of teens and young teens through art and writing!

Replication of Model

On 14th March Mr. K. P. Singh, President and Founder of DLF group of Companies (a construction developer) visited PPES along with a team member. He was very moved by his experience at the school. He has expressed the desire to replicate Pardada Pardadi in his native village of Chola in Bulandshahr District, Uttar Pradesh.

Snehalaya is a voluntary organization working in the Gwalior area. They have decided to replicate the PPES model. A quote from their newsletter: “We intend following the model of Pardada Pardadi Society's School in Annop Shahar as started by Sam Bhai, which we had an opportunity to see few years before. The girls will be provided with the uniforms, transport, books, food and the parents will be motivated for sending their girls for attending the school as well incentives will be given, which will give them a start in life after finishing the school to become independent.”

Individual Donations

Third Bus
By end of April PPES will have the third bus to bring girls from far away villages. We are very thankful to Mrs. Geeta Malhotra & Mr. Mahinder Malhotra for organizing the donations that went towards purchase of this bus. PPES would also like to recognize Mr. Vinod Malhotra for donating money towards purchase of this Bus.

Year after year many friends of Pardada Pardadi have been donating towards the education of PPES students and graduates. It really reflects their commitment to the cause of PPES. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you for being a part of PPES family and supporting the students.

Training cum production center for young adult women

Very soon PPES is going to start training cum production center. We are very thankful to friends like Ms. Geeta Athreya, Mr. Sanjeev Gupta, Mr. P. K. Agarwal, Mr. Vijay Gupta, Mr. T.C. Garg and family for visualizing and actualizing this program.

Board Exams

The first batch of PPES graduates appeared for Board Exams for class XII. 17 students of class X also appeared for Board Exams. For the first time all students in class X will have mathematics as one of their subjects for examination. We wish them all the best on these exams and for all of them to excel in life.

With kind regards,