February Update

18 February 2008

Dear Friends

Visitors at the school
January has been a happy and busy month for Pardada Pardadi. We had many friends visiting us - Lake’s family, Ms. Laura Livingston, Ms. Rikki Asher, Mrs. and Mr. Srivastava, Mrs. Anand, Mrs. Malhotra and Mrs. Narang, to name a few. All of them have been associated with Pardada Pardadi in different ways; the Lake’s, for example, have taught students to play softball. They host the students in US and also make generous donations to the school.

Ms. Laura Livingston is a prolific writer who uses her skills to best promote PPES. She is also trying to register the school with ‘International Fair Trade Organization’ and sponsors one of the PPES student's education. Ms. Rikki Asher is working with teachers and students on different projects like sewing a quilt for the peace and enhancing the beautification of the school with creative paintings.

Mrs. Anand, Mrs. Malhotra and Mrs. Narang were very effective with senior students. While helping them to identify their strengths and weaknesses and to evaluate their abilities in general, they also started training of two teachers in counseling techniques and conducted classes on Yoga.

Pardada Pardadi is always thankful to all its supporters and friends who have given us constant encouragement, support, guidance, time and resources.
We invite all of you to come and visit us at Pardada Pardadi. Our students and teachers alike have much to gain by interacting with you.

On 26th January students of Pardada Pardadi played a friendly match with students of American Embassy School at American Embassy Club lawns. Pardada Pardadi would like to thank Mr. Joel Ehrendreich and Ms Lori Anderson for organizing this game. The students had a great time and enjoyed pizza and chocolate cake for first time in their lives.

The primary school students from Bichola recently visited the Delhi Zoo. When I went to visit them at school, I was greated with a chorus of animal sounds in the place out shouting children. The zoo made quite an impression on them and I think it was great picnic for them.

Toilet Project Update
Mr. Ron Fuchs has come back to construct the second phase of toilets in Karanpur - home to more PPES students than any other village. When we decided to start the village development work, the first project was construction of toilets. This project will not improve health, hygiene and sanitation, but will also help restore the dignity of women. As toilets will only be builts in the homes of PPES students, this project has been a good motivator for the parents to send their daughters to school. To date, 12 toilets have been built.

We have decided on selling naming rights to the individual toilets for $250.
That amount very nearly covers that cost of a 2 pit, pour flush toilet in a brick enclosure. The purchaser will receive a digital picture with his or her name displayed on the enclosure and a photo of the family and PPES school student who will use the facility. If you go to the village we can show you the 12 toilets completed to date.

If interested please contact Mr. Ron Fuchs at rsandgate@comcast.net or by phone in the US 410 886 2955.

With kind regards,
Pardada Pardadi Educational Society