West and East wed together!

21 December 2009

Amidst the ever increasing hoopla of interdependence between world economies, ours is a slightly different story where the West met East at Pardada Pardadi!

Wendi is one of our volunteers from Iowa, USA who joined Pardada Pardadi in 2006 and worked extensively at the Anupshahr village for six months. Since then, Wendi has remained associated with PPES with literally everything.

It seems that she has committed her life to the cause she so passionately advocates. She closely observes every new initiative of PPES. She is currently the force for extending international volunteer support for Pardada Pardadi. She not only gets volunteers to work with the girls at the school but also offers support system to them as they commit themselves for a year or so.

Wendi got married to a German Alex in Hamburg, Germany. She is currently based in Munich, Germany now and pursuing her PhD in Pedagogy. However, she is technically with Pardada Pardadi almost every day through emails and Skype.

Arti is a young and vivacious girl from a small village in Anupshahr. She joined Pardada Pardadi in 2000 as one of the first among 45 other girls of the first ever class of the school. She passed her 10th grade in 2009. In 9 years, she has literally grown with the school and vice-versa.

In 2006, she was chosen for a trip to the US because of her excellent attendance and academic record. She was also made the leader of the vocation she trained in since class 6th.

After 10th Class, Arti decided to work with PPES in its ‘Rags to Pads’ manufacturing unit to support her home and family. She is the first woman financial supporter of her family. Her mother sells milk given by their 2 buffaloes to a local dairy. She also did a course in computers and is still pursuing higher studies.

Soon, talks started in the family on getting Arti married. Arti was however determined to marry only a boy who supported her decision of working after marriage and studying further.She found this boy in Sunil who is originally from Anupshahr and works between Delhi and the village. Arti is now happily married to him and has also rejoined work at school after marriage.

Wendi and Arti have known each other because of their common link-PPES. The big fan that Wendi is of an Indian wedding, she always dreamt of having one. The Indian wedding trousseau, the procession, Mehendi…. All fascinated her.

So November 22nd 2009 was decided and the venue was the school. The USP of the day was that both Wendi and Arti decided to get married on the same day and the same venue…

Guess what! Also the same time (the only thing different was that they were getting married to different boys)

So, the guests who blessed the couples were seen excitingly juggling between the two weddings, dancing and singing for both. The grooms took parallel chariot rides and Alex (Wendi’s groom) settling in to an Indian wedding was shying like an Indian bride (a role reversal for a refreshing change).

The day is one of PPES’ most memorable ones.

What a truly innovative meeting of the West and the East it was!!!!