Meet Priyanka, 10th grade

30 November 2009

If you have been to our school, you definitely know Priyanka. No doubt that our little 14 years old student is one of the most talkative and curious students. Her smile shines from miles away! Priyanka joined PPES when she was 10 years old. At the time, she was a very shy little girl. Today, she's become a teenager, confident and healthy, preparing for the 10th grade Board Exams.

Priyanka is famous for her huge smile!

Not only Priyanka never misses school, but also, she loves it! Her favorite subject is English. She wants to speak fluent English and that's one of the reasons why she always welcomes our international guests. That... and... because she is just curious to know from which country they are from.

At school, Priyanka is known for her perfect attendance. Last June, she was awarded with a school trip to Amritsar and to the India-Pakistan border for her perfect attendance. "It was the best award ever because I love traveling! But traveling in India takes too long. That's why I have decided that I will become a pilot to fly fast". She just needs to decide which country to visit first!

Priyanka's family at their home

Priyanka is full of dreams for her family. She has 2 little sisters who also go to school at Pardada Pardadi and a younger brother. They live with their mum - Nemvati, dad - Dhaniram and grandmother - Ganga Devi.

They live in a small house. There are 2 bedrooms. Life is not always easy at home, but "I will buy them a big house with my salary". Her dad works at a sugar mill between November and March. The rest of the year, if he doesn't find a job he stays at home. Her mother takes care of the house and the buffaloes. And after school, Priyanka and her sisters take care of the cooking.

Priyanka's baby buffaloes

Priyanka's dreams are high but not impossible! And it's our mission at PPES not only let her dream, but also that if she believes in herself, she can make her dreams come true.


Eileen said...

Great to see Priyanka is doing well at school and still enjoying her academic subjects. She has changed a lot in the last two years. What happened to the 'bob'? I guess she is the same spirited girl I knew in 2007. (Eileen Mills, 2007 volunteer)

Judith said...

This post would be oh-so-much more meaningful if one could hear Priyanka talking - non-stop, with enthusiasm, deep throated and full of enthusiasm. And how exciting "to be a pilot"...if nothing else we (volunteers) have told our girls they can be anything - no gender issues here, eh?!
(Judy Ma'm (Hunger), 2008 and 2009 volunteer)