Meet Shivani

01 September 2009

Shivani is a beautiful 12-years-old girl with big brown eyes and a contagious smile. She joined PPGVS in 2005 and is now in the 9th grade. She likes coming to school and comes everyday! “I only miss school if I am sick. I don’t want to miss school because I want to go to high school and work with computers.” Although Shivani will only graduate in 2 years, she is already dreaming about more studies after completing her education at Pardada Pardadi. Her favorite subjects are English and Machine Embroidery - one of her strengths is vocational training.

Shivani comes from a small village called Garahara, 7km away from PPGVS. Our little student loves her village but she is sad to see how dirty it has become. It is known as one of the dirtiest of the district. When asked about things that she could do, Shivani positively explained that she wants to spread awareness on hygiene as she has been learning at school. For that she is counting on the help of her neighbour, Mr. Sukhveer Singh, who she admires for “helping everyone and encouraging people to keep the village clean”.

She lives in a small house with her grandmother, her mother and her two younger brothers. In Shivani’s father works as a construction laborer out of the village and comes only once a month.

Shivani's buffalo just had a baby so she wanted to show us how cute he was. When we asked what his name was, Shivani realized she hadn't named it yet. Any suggestion?


Anonymous said...

How about Mr. Big Ears?

Anonymous said...

Hillary Buff!

Dan Kilian said...


For Squeaky Clean

Yes I felt I had to explain that.