Pardada Pardadi isn't the only group that's Pro-Toilet

08 April 2009

The Times of India recently published the article titled "No Toilet, No Bride" . According to the article, women in Haryana are now requiring a toilet in the home of any potential mate. As the slogan implies, if there's no toilet, there's no marriage.

While the slogan is really funny and catchy (when isn't an article about a toilet funny??), it brings to light a very real issue -- hygiene and sanitation.

Can you imagine not having a toilet? I can't. Frankly, I struggle during the longer road trip, so the thought of no toilet ever is pretty terrible. Sadly, women tend to have it even worse than men, for social constraints require them to wait until it's dark to go to the bathroom. So now, not only do they have to use the field down the road as their bathroom, but they have to worry about wandering around at odd hours of the night.

That's why it's great that these women are pushing back. Instead of accepting it, they are requiring their potential suitors to install a toilet before they'll get married.

As some of our followers may recall, Pardada Pardadi is also trying to increase the number of toilets in the villages. Over the past year, we've managed to get funding for over 50 toilets in students' houses. Our hope is to put a toilet in every student's house, allowing them better hygiene and the freedom to go when they want to.