Rags to Pads: A Fundraiser for Women's Menstrual Health

30 July 2008

Consider this: In rural India, the cost of your box of Stayfree can be three full days' salary. With tampons and pads out of the question, many rural Indian women control their flows by stuffing dirty rags up inside of them.

Not only is that pretty gross, but very dangerous - women risk vaginal and urinary tract infections and, at worst, infertility.

To address this problem, Pardada Pardadi is seeking to raise funds for a maxipad business. Our business hopes to both provide extremely low-cost pads and, in the process, to create employment opportunities for women in Anupshahr.

The money we raise will:
  • Buy a machine that makes sanitary napkins
  • Buy a year's worth of raw materials
  • Support two graduates' efforts to make the business profitable
In total, we hope to raise $5,000 seed money for the project.

For more information on this fundraising effort, please visit ragstopads.com. Email inquiries can be directed to ragstopads (at) gmail.com.