Two Quilts One World: Advocating Global Art Education

01 July 2008

Rikki Asher, Queens College professor and PPES volunteer, has been accepted to present a talk about Pardada Pardadi at the New York City Art Teachers Association in October. She has also submitted a proposal to talk about PPES at a National Art Education Convention in Minnesota in March. Please see the abstract for the talk below:

Two Quilts One World: Advocating Global Art Education
Dr. Rikki Asher
Director Art Education
CUNY at Queens College
Flushing, NY

Session Description:
As the world grows smaller and communication faster, it is of increasing importance that global understanding accompanies globalization. This Peace Quilt project initiated in New York and carried to Uttar Pradesh, India symbolizes the practical effort towards understanding, communication and empathy through art. New York Director of Art Education Dr. Rikki Asher, assisted by High School Art teacher Jane Pinchuck, set up an exchange of skills between the groups. This illustrated account shows how girls on either side of the world rose to the challenge of creating works of art that would communicate their lives to each other. The presentation includes a description of the US/India Peace Quilt exchange with a Bronx school. The purpose is to encourage dialogue among the audience, and offer possibilities for art educators to explore relationships between art, language, and communication through the theme of Peace, and to advocate art education locally and globally.


Dr. Asher has also written an article, entitled "Books of Hope", in "mindfields", an alternative education journal. "Books of Hope" discusses another project in which she helped the girls in class 5th and 7th make their own books. To read the article click here.


workhard said...

This is a really nice cause. Keep it going.

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