Mint Article on Sam Singh and PPES

19 January 2008

Pardada Pardadi founder Sam Singh was recently featured in Mint, the Wall Street Journal's Indian outfit. The article, titled "Virendra (Sam) Singh | Turning young rural girls into assertive, articulate women", completes Mint's series commemorating 60 years of India's independence by featuring "60 Indians who, in myriad quiet ways, are contributing to making their country, and in some cases the world, a better place." Author Raju Narisetti details the history of PPES from Sam's initial idea to the present and PPES' expansion to serve more girls within the school proper and the organization's management of two new elementary schools.

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Also of interest is yesterday's New York Times article on education in India. Titled "Education Push Yields Little for India’s Poor", the article describes how government schools often fail India's poor and discusses some of the measures being taken to overcome this problem.

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