9 Ways You Can Get Involved

22 September 2007

1. Educate.

Volunteers can help us by teaching classes, particularly English, computers or art. Those with strong backgrounds in education can work with the current teachers to introduce innovative teaching methods.

2. Volunteer.

We also welcome those with backgrounds outside of education. Doctors can provide the girls with health check-ups or educate them about proper hygiene; lawyers can talk to the girls and their families about their legal rights.

3. Sponsor a Student.

For 14,000 INR per year you can sponsor one of our students. Sponsors will be provided with a photo of the girl as well as progress reports about her education and her life and are encouraged to interact with their student.

4. Place an Order.

Home furnishings like bed sheets, table cloths and cushion covers; hand-made greeting cards; and other hand-made articles are available online or at one of the school shops (located in Gurgaon and Meerut).

5. Donate Supplies.

We welcome donations of uniforms and shoes; food; class textbooks and library books; machines for vocational work; building materials, etc.

6. Donate to the Corpus Fund.

PPES hopes to raise Rs. 1 crore within a year. If 1,000 individuals each contribute Rs. 1 lakh we will have met our target. The school has 80 G exemption, and your contribution is tax deductible.

7. Develop a Marketing Plan.

We welcome marketing professionals to help draw up a marketing plan or to help draw up a ten-year business plan for the school as we move towards self-sustainability.

8. Spread the Word.

Organize a meeting or fundraising event on the school’s behalf. Arrange for PPES directors to make presentations about the organization.

9. Contact Us.

Please contact us with any further questions you may have or to arrange a visit to the school in Anoopshahr.